Hanoi Perspectives

Have you ever wondered how the media experience the city of Hanoi? A group of five travel journalists from the United States recently spent two nights at the Metropole in early May. Here’s what we showed them of our fair city.

Why Kids are Going to Love the Metropole in June

We credit the shelter as one reason why the Metropole is one of the world’s most fascinating hotels for kids. And in June, there’s a whole new reason for kids to be keen on the Metropole, and it all has to do with The Little Prince, or Le Petit Prince, one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time. Read More


Where to Honeymoon in the City

Oh so many honeymoons involve powder-white sand, palm trees, turquoise seas and that sunset — you know the one. And they’re big business for resort hotels around the world. But the city need not play second fiddle when it comes to honeymooning. After all, there’s no place like the city for a cornucopia of eating and shopping experiences. And what else (besides the obvious) do any of us want of … Read More

HotelMetropoleHanoi_003_LaTerrasse_du_Metropole - Copy

Why Nostalgia is Good for You

All over Asia we’re lured (indeed, seduced!) by the architectural assets from bygone days. The Citroen cars. The age-mottled walls of centurys-old temples. And, not the least of which, the grand architectural flourishes of societies that have come and gone. In Hanoi, no building perhaps is the object of so much adulation, and so much yearning for the past, as the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi. The hotel’s immaculate white facade … Read More


A Conversation with the Current (and Former) GM

When Franck LaFourcade returned to the Metropole late last year, it was deja vu all over again for some members of the Metropole staff. Why? Because Franck was the GM of the Metropole from 2000 to 2005. In this interview, conducted shortly after his return, he talks about leaving in 2005, his plans for tomorrow, and a whole bunch of things in between. Read More