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What to do When there’s a Bomb Shelter beneath Your Hotel

It’s not often that the general manager of an upscale hotel is pre-occupied with a bomb shelter on his property. But then, there aren’t many hotels in the world that survive wars and endure as the Metropole has. I don’t know how this story about our bomb shelter is going to end. It may turn out to be as devoid of surprise as Al Capone’s famous bank vault. But right … Read More

Video: What Graham Greene and the Australian Embassy Have in Common

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The hotel’s general manager talks about one of the most alluring suites in all Vietnam. The British novelist Graham Greene and, later, Australia’s first embassy in modern Vietnam occupied the same space in the hotel’s old wing.

In the lead photo: Kai Speth, Metropole GM; Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia; Allaster Cox, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam