Falling in Love at the Metropole Hanoi

It was a quiet night in early March, and I was halfway through my set in the Club Bar when a middle-aged man parted company from a woman at one of the cocktail tables. He came up close as I finished a number by Edith Piaf and he waved for me to listen to a secret. “I can’t help falling in love with you,” he said. My eyes jumped to … Read More

Slowing Down While Turning Up the Heat in Hanoi

Two weeks after he took over as Executive Chef at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, Nicholas Shadbolt can’t believe his good fortune. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy his most recent post in China, but in Hanoi, among the Vietnamese, he has encountered a people with a character and constitution so bent on friendliness, he feels as if he’s landed in just the right spot after decades of wandering. Originally … Read More

Deciphering the Mystical Mooncake

“A full moon hangs high in the chilly sky, all say it’s the same everywhere, round and bright.” So begins the first line of a poem by Li Qiao, one of many Chinese to be captivated by the Tang Dynasty’s new and elaborate celebrations of the mid-autumn full moon. Fast-forward to Hanoi in September 2014, when the city is abuzz with preparations for the Moon Festival, or Children’s Festival as … Read More

Hanoi Perspectives

Have you ever wondered how the media experience the city of Hanoi? A group of five travel journalists from the United States recently spent two nights at the Metropole in early May. Here’s what we showed them of our fair city.

Why Kids are Going to Love the Metropole in June

We credit the shelter as one reason why the Metropole is one of the world’s most fascinating hotels for kids. And in June, there’s a whole new reason for kids to be keen on the Metropole, and it all has to do with The Little Prince, or Le Petit Prince, one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time. Read More