Video: Initial Contact with the Metropole’s Storied Bunker

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After several days of excavation and water extraction, we managed to gain access July 9 to a cavity between the surface of the ground and what appears to be the ceiling of the hotel’s wartime bunker.

The bunker is about six feet down, with a two-foot layer of concrete as ceiling. As we’d known, the bunker is situated right below the Bamboo Bar and next to Le Club Bar.

We’ve exposed a crawl space between the concrete layers and are now determined to drill another hole to access the ceiling we just found. From there we can bore a hole and determine how to further expose the site for easier excavation with heavy machinery.

We’re planning to mobilize this week, so hopefully in a week’s time we’ll have more intelligence. Nevertheless it was exciting today and we shall not give up easily.

For better or worse, this is part of the hotel’s history.

One Response to Video: Initial Contact with the Metropole’s Storied Bunker

  1. John Wong says:

    The discovery of the bunker evokes something deep and poignant in the collective memory of Americans, of an era that still resonates with the generation who fought here or gathered for peace in America. In my imagination, the bunker walls echo with the songs of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and fill with the images of war correspondents and photographers. I do hope it will be retained as a memorial to that historical time and the passion it engendered.

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